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Turning Interest Into Action

Cleats for Camden was born out of a desire to make a difference in the lives of children! Donations from the community have made it possible to help the Camden Youth Soccer Club and directly impact the children of Camden.  Our founders, Andrew and Aaron Meslin, work with local soccer clubs and schools to collect gently used cleats for their cause. In addition to helping the Camden Youth Soccer Club, Cleats for Camden has expanded to include aiding the youth players of Treviso FC, a soccer club located in Tiko, a small town in the Southwest region of Cameroon and most recenty the Muray Keeper Foundation, an organization helping children in the impoverished area of Awasi, Kenya. Through our efforts in Camden, Cameroon and Kenya we have collected and donated close to 2000 pairs of soccer cleats and fundraised almost $800 to date. 

Often times, we take for granted things like cleats and uniforms but there are children that go without.  Cleats for Camden connects those that want to donate with the children that need it most. Donate your cleats today!

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Cleats for Camden was proud to distribute cleats to players at the Camden Youth Soccer Club's Opening Day!

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Our cleats reached Tiko, Cameroon!

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